Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

You may know the famous saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Not anymore!! In this article, we have disclosed some significant secrets. This article will help you to win over the house.


The Casino is an intelligently designed mental scheme to build up your mood, seduce you & your wallet with the use of attractive smells, sounds and sights.

Do you know that many casinos do not have clocks or windows?  They do not keep one to unaware guests about their time & money being spent.

  1. No, Those Drinks Not Free

Casinos offer countless “free” drinks to their guests. Deny those “free” flaming alcohol as you will end up paying for it anyway.

  1. Go for Tables, Not Machines

Do not play slot machines as they are actual the money-makers of the house. That is why it is placed at the entrance!! Ignore it and just walk to a table.

  1. Treat Chips as Real Cash

The colorful small round chips are just attractive and that is the only reason casinos use them as money. Unlike credit cards or cash in hand, chips cut down the feelings of guilt.

  1. Don’t Lose Your Money to those Dealers

Do you know that tips are the primary source of income for most dealers? Yes, they make income off your tips. So, don’t let their smiles and socializing trick you!!!

The next time you will go to a casino, all the above-mentioned factors will help you to combat all those temptations inside there!!!

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